Singapore Employment Pass Application

Employment Pass Application Service



An Employment Pass is a working pass design by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to cater for foreign professional/exceptional skilled workers with valued working experiences who is hired by any local Company in Singapore. Therefore, it must be sponsored by a Singapore registered company.


  • Candidate must already have a job in Singapore
  • The position must be Managerial or at least Executive/Senior levels
  • Basic monthly salary must be minimum $3600 per month ( a higher salary will increase the chances of approval)
  • Candidate must have acceptable educational qualification, usually is a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialist skills

Our Service 

  • Provision of initial assessment on PEP application
  • Background assessment and review to ensure you have met the basic qualifying criteria
  • Provide personal advice on what’s the chances if to proceed with this application
  • Gathering of required document and Validation
  • Submission of application inclusive of application fees
  • Monitoring and update on application status

An Employment Pass valid for up to 2 years only and the renewal will subject to the  Ministry of Manpower (MOM) approval again. However, in normal circumstances, chances for renewal will be high if the candidate stays on the job and has met the minimum salary baseline set by MOM at the renewal periods.