Nominee director Services

It is a Singapore Picture1Company acts for all foreign owned private limited company in Singapore to have a local Nominee Director to fulfill the Singapore company incorporation requirement.

The Nominee Director need to be at least 18 years and above, and do not have any record of fraud, bankruptcy, or malpractice in conducting business. The Nominee Director can be either a Singapore citizen, Permanent Resident, Employment Pass holder, EntrePass holder, or Dependent Pass holder.



Singapore Accounting and Business Services Pte Ltd, we have highly qualified and experiences professional who can take up this role in your company incorporation requirement, but it is subject to the agreeable result of “Know-Your-Client” due diligence which will be performed by our compliance team.

The Nominee director appoint will be responsible for the below,
• Convening and holding of the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)
• Subsequent filing of company’s annual returns which is normally within a month of the AGM
We offer Nominee Director Service at very competitive pricing on annual basis.