Company Tax

Singapore Company Tax


According to the statutory requirements of Singapore Income Tax Act, all incorporated companies are required to submit annual tax return and Form C to Comptroller of Income Tax.

Singapore Accounting and Business Services Pte Ltd helps ensure that our clients comply with these requirements and minimize the possibilities late submission penalties through corporate tax services.

Tax planning can be important to companies as taxation rules can change every few years. To fully take advantage of the tax reliefs and deductibles availed, it can helps  entrepreneurs reduce on certain tax amounts, which can indirectly turn into tangible profits of the companies.  Therefore, it is important to engage professional tax consultant to assist you in this piece of work. Our company can assist you on that.


 We provide the following taxation services:

  • Corporate tax /Personal tax Advisory and Planning
  • Corporate tax /Personal tax Preparation, Computation and Submission
  • Preparation of tax return for Individuals, Sole proprietorship for Comptroller of Income Tax and Submission
  • Prepare and filing of employee / individual IRA8A
  • Preparation of tax return for Partnerships for Comptroller of Income Tax Submission
  • Filing of estimated chargeable income
  • Advisement on tax incentives application
  • Goods & Service tax (GST) registration / deregistration
  • Goods & Service tax (GST) submission and refund