Mail Scanning

We offer the service to scan physical mail receive to your personal electronic mailbox, which allow you to manage your business letter remotely and conveniently without needs to pick up the hardcopy of mail at your registered office address. Of course, in subscribing this service, your authorization for us to open and access to your business letter is consider granted.

This service comes with a small fee but it enable you to instantly response to any critical business mail anywhere, anytime. It helps frequent traveler in better managing their business.

Below are our services offer,

  • Simple on line subscription for this service *($20 deposit is required upon register)
  • Secure Online Payment for Visa, Master, Paypal, AMEX (Through Paypal) Fast turnaround time upon your authorization given to open your mails and digitize it for scanning
  • Scan to only One dedicate email address provide by client
  • Maximum mail scan is up to 20 mail/month. Any additional will incur charges of $1 per scan mail sent
  • Free storage of up to 100MB for archiving of mail scanned
  • Minimum service subscription is 12 months - S$96 a year only
  • Free 2 months services with subscription up to 24 months – S$192 for 26 Months