Call forwarding

Picture18Why need  Call Forwarding Services ?

  • No more investment in PABX Systems.
  • No more Telephone wiring in your office premises.
  • Low Monthly Fee for using our Call Forwarding Services as opposed to hiring a full-time receptionist.
  • When you outsource your call forwarding, you no longer need to go through the hassle of recruiting, training of the staff.
  • No incoming calls limit for Call Forwarding Services, 24 Hours daily.
  • Utilizing the Call Forwarding Services will help small firms to gain professional image while incurring low cost comparing to hiring a full-time staff

Singapore Call Forwarding Services :

  • $20 Setup Fees (One-time)
  • Secure Online Payment using Master, Visa, Paypal, AMEX.
  • Dedicated Phone Number issue to client.
  • Dedicated phne number starts with “3” (Example: 3125 6666 ).
  • “6” Series Telephone Number – Numbers starting with “6” is available at additional $15/month but not available through online signup, please contact us directly for “6” Series Telephone Number.
  • 24/7 call forwarding to any Singapore or overseas mobile / Land Line (Fees Apply).
  • Free caller ID, call forwarding feature.
  • Free missed calls notifications via email.
  • Free voice mail via email.
  • Free 3 Months call forwarding service with 24 months sign up
  • Improves company image compared to putting hand phone numbers on name cards, letter heads and website.
  • No telephone line subscriptions, purchase of analog telephone set, and line installation charges.

Complimentary Fax-to-Email Feature includes:

  • Free Incoming faxes and free forwarding of the faxes in PDF format to client’s designated email address
  • Free 12 months shared fax number with minimum 12 months call forwarding service signup
  • Local out-going fax charges applies (50 Cents for every page, faxing to overseas number not available)
Call Forwarding Services ('3' Series Number) 12 Months $216 + $20 Setup Fees$236.00

Call Forwarding Services ('3' Series Number) 24 Months + 3 Months Free $432 + $20 Setup Fees $452.00

Call Forwarding Services ('3' Series Number) 36 Months + 4 Months Free $648 + $20 Setup Fees $668.00

Call Forwarding Services ('6' Series Number) 12 Months $396 + $20 Setup Fees$416.00

Call Forwarding Services ('6' Series Number) 24 Months + 3 Months Free $792 + $20 Setup Fees $812.00

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Dedicated Number Fax Services Singapore

Why need dedicated number Fax Services?

  • No software installation needed, out-going fax available (Fees Apply).
  • No incoming fax limit will be set; unlike other service providers or competitors,
  • we do not limit your incoming local and overseas fax for dedicated fax line, general fax line.
  • Be able to receive fax 24/7, and in any parts of the world as long as you have internet access to your email.
  • Great cost savings, as you now no longer need to have fax machines, consumables like fax toners, drums, paper wastage.
  • You can save more by choosing to print the fax or simply delete the PDF fax documents in your email.
  • Low monthly fees of $22/month for dedicated fax line which is equivalent to local telephone line subscription.

Dedicated Number Fax Services Singapore Package

  • Instant receiving of all faxes from both Singapore and overseas.
  • Fax number can be used on namecards, letterheads, websites, forms and etc.
  • Receiving of faxes 24 hours daily.
  • Free forwarding of the incoming-faxes in PDF format to client’s designated email addresses
  • Out-going fax locally or overseas as PC attachment (Out-Going fax charges applies)
  • $10 Setup Fee Applies
S$22/Month [S$264 for 12 Months Service + S$10 One Time Setup Fees]

S$22/Month [S$528 for 24 Months Service + 3 Months Free + S$10 One Time Setup Fees]

S$22/Month [S$792 for 36 Months Service + 5 Months Free + S$10 One Time Setup Fees]

*Mail/Parcel forwarding cost shall bear by client by SingPost