Call forwarding Copy

We offer call forwarding service to your personal mobile, fix line or oversea via personal cell phone, or oversea fix line at very competitive price. This will enable you to support your customer promptly over geographical regions. It will enhance your company’s image and business commitment to client by rendering regional class of support.

For call forwarding, a small fee of $20 will be charged for one time setup.

Below are the services offer,

  • Simple on line subscription for this service
  • Secure Online Payment for Visa, Master, Paypal, AMEX (Through Paypal)
  • Fast turnaround time upon payment made
  • Dedicated fix line number will assign
  • 7x24 phone forwarding services to either local fix line, mobile or oversea fix line (for oversea services, oversea call rate apply in next monthly bill for any call consumption base on ISP oversea call tariff given
  • Free caller ID and call forwarding features
  • Free miss call notification via personal email

Free 3 months services with 24 months service sign up